Timor-Leste was colonized by Portuguese for more than 400 years before she was annexed by Indonesia until 1999. CPA was established in 2002 by Fr. Ruedy Hofmann SJ, at the time when Timorese were trying to rise up from centuries of violence, conflicts, and underdevelopment.

CPA was born with a goal to build Timorese national identity through storytelling. In February 2004, “Istória ba Futuru” (History of the People), the first production of CPA was broadcasted on TVTL, the national TV network. The series consist of animation programs about popular legends as well as historical moments and figures of Timor-Leste. “Istória ba Futuru” blends animation programs with Timorese music, dances, and discussions on Timorese culture, traditions, and events. The programs are also used in schools and various alternative education settings as teaching materials. 

At the initial stage of its establishment, CPA recruited staff with no previous audiovisual backgrounds. CPA provided ongoing overseas and in-house trainings for the staff to constantly improve their skills and the quality of the production.

Scope of Works

  1. Nation-building

CPA believes that peace and national unity in Timor-Leste have to be maintained through sharing and exchanging stories that live among the people. Stories that can be identified by the diverse population will bring Timorese together and unite them as brothers and sisters. Timorese culture, traditions, events, achievements, and experiences that come from the soil and sweat of Timor are the source of our inspiration.
Sample of works: “Istória ba Futuru” (History of the People), “Povu Nia Matenek” (Wisdom of the People)

  1. Education

It is estimated that 50 percent of adult population in Timor-Leste cannot read or write. With partner organizations, CPA has produced popular education materials in various topics, such as health, election, and agriculture.
Sample of works: Programa Tuberculose 
CPA would also like to produce more education programs, especially those that will increase literacy and quality of education in Timor-Leste. 

  1. Advocacy

CPA supports partner organizations and institutions that advocate sustainable development, social justice, and the welfare of Timorese population. CPA produces advocacy videos that can help the organizations disseminate their message and achieve their goals.
Sample of works: PSA on coming back to school

  1. Staff Development

As a young organization from a young country operating in a fast-changing world of multimedia, CPA realizes the need to constantly improve the skills of the staff. CPA conducts in-house training, overseas education as well as overseas internship programs for the staff to push ourselves forward in the field of multimedia production.

  1. Community Screening

Since television reception is difficult in remote regions, CPA organizes community screenings. By conducting community screenings, CPA receives direct feedback from the community and extend the outreach of its services.

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